“We collided into each other in apartment #904 on Melville Street in Vancouver, B.C. with the help of a mutual friend. Brooke was hanging on for dear life to a dead horse of a relationship + Nuv was being a handsome, mysterious bachelor. Brooke came to her senses, got single, and every Thursday drove downtown to watch the O.C. with the newest, bestest boy and fill the air of that apartment with the fumes of their attraction. We bonded over a mutual appreciation of breakfast food, cartoons, comics, old-school hip hop, Honjin sushi and good old-fashioned make-out sessions. They say when you know, you know. You know? We did. On June 30, 2006, the wind stopped on that boardwalk strung with beautiful twinkling lights, and Nuv got one knee dirty and proposed. In Victoria, B.C. Brooke ugly-cried her way down the aisle to the best decision she ever made.”
They now live happily ever after in Vancouver with their new baby, Stella.

Photographer Kari Medig second shot here. He is the real deal.