Caroline + Jake met in 5th Grade and dated briefly in Grade 8. "I broke up with Jake because I was much cooler. [Ha! Joke's on me]. We started hanging out our sophmore year in high school and he was my best friend. We were inseparable and started dating again. We didn't plan on attending the same college then independently chose the University of Texas. After four years in Austin, Jake moved back to Dallas and I stayed put. Then after a year of long distance I came back to Dallas and we broke up. Three years later a friend told me Jake was serious about someone. It broke my heart. I called and he turned me down for several months. Then one Sunday he flew in and took me to dinner. One year later we were engaged. Only took us 14 years." Caroline + Jake were married in Firenze, Italy and now live in Dallas, Texas.

Oh Florence. No words can describe the experience. Caroline + Jake's families provided an art scholar from Boston who passionately talked guests at the wedding through some of the most-important Rennaissance paintings in existence. We also toured and photographed the David when the museum was closed. It was an eerily quiet and incredibly moving experience. The reception was held in a 500-year-old palace with a big band and opera singers.

Steve Simon was a superb Second here and Cheryl Claibourne shot super 8.