Puja + Gaurav lived 10 minutes from each other for most of their lives in Chicago without ever having met. While celebrating a friend’s wedding at Harry’s Velvet Room on Illinois Street, Puja tapped Gaurav on the shoulder. Two weeks and six dates later the couple began a long distance relationship, enduring many a red-eye as they ventured from Chicago to San Francisco; Boston to SF; and LA to Boston to spend time together and share a Diet Coke or two. They anticipated every date, lamented every goodbye. Along the way with thousands of night-time minutes and frequent flier miles between them, they shared a few more Diet Cokes, saw one another graduate from drama and law school and move to Los Angeles. One sunset in Santa Monica, Gaurav invited Puja on a date to “happily ever after.” That date never ended. They now walk from the kitchen to the living room to share their Diet Cokes.

I photographed solo on this one - a three-day traditional Indian wedding on the beach near Cabo.